A NOTE ABOUT CARING FOR PEARLS: 10 Things You Should Know About

Warren Feld
8 min readMay 7, 2020




Caring For Pearls

Pearls will last a lifetime and beyond, if cared for properly.

  1. Exposure to heat (such as the top of a TV set or near a stove or fire place), sunlight, and chemicals (such as those in hair spray, cosmetics and perfumes) can damage the nacre of pearls.
  2. How do I safely clean pearls? Use a gentle detergent soap or mild shampoo without dyes and warm water. Be sure to clean around the hole of each pearl. Rinse thoroughly and let dry on a damp cloth overnight. Hot water can permanently damage your pearls. Do not let your pearls soak in the water. Let the pearls and string dry out for 24 hours before wearing.
  3. Never wear your pearls when the string is still wet . Never hang the strand when wet.
  4. Pearls are softer than other gemstones. Always wipe them with a soft cloth after wearing. Perfume oils, makeup, hair sprays and perfumes can spot and weaken their surfaces, as well as the cords they are strung on. Pearls should be put on after the application of cosmetics, perfume or hair spray. They should be the LAST THINGS PUT ON and the FIRST THINGS TAKEN OFF.
  5. Pearls should be kept away from hard or sharp jewelry that could scratch them.
  6. Pearls are best stored in a soft cloth pouch, or in a separately lined segment of a jewelry box, and out of the air and sunlight. Do not store in a plastic bag. The plastic emits a chemical which makes the pearl surface deteriorate.
  7. Do not shower or swim in your pearl jewelry.
  8. Ammonia and alcohol will ruin pearls. They both draw out the oils in the pearls which give them their luster. Keep pearls away from metal cleaners and tarnish removers.
  9. The more you wear your pearls, the more beautiful they become. Pearls’ luster is maximized when worn…
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